Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chama to Navajo Lake

We've spent the last week kicking around Northern New Mexico, going from one lake to another. We left Heron Lake yesterday and moved on to Navajo Lake State Park.  We passed through the Jicarilla (heek-ah-REE-ah) Indian Nation.  Tony Hillerman mentioned the Jicarilla many times in his books that take place in New Mexico and Arizona.

Jicarilla area of northern NM

Flowers in Chama, NM

Aspen in background haven't leafed out yet at this elevation, around 9,000'

I don't know what these are but they are growing all over at the higher elevations.  

Aspen trees leafing out at about 8,000'.

We stopped at a weaving studio and store and visited with a weaver working on this tapestry.

He's weaving a tapestry on a very nice four harness counter-balance loom. 
 Very much like the one I use to weave on.

Mom visiting with the weaver.

Navajo Lake, NM 

I have a new facebook page in conjunction to this blog.  I will be posting more pictures over there.

See you down the road.


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  1. If you like Tony Hillerman, consider reading James Doss. His lead character is Charlie Moon and his aunt. Wonderful series. James split his time between Taos and Los Alamos before his passing.