Friday, June 12, 2015

The Beautiful Arkansas River

We spent one night in Salida, Colorado right on the Arkansas River.  The next day our drive followed along the south side of the river.  The water level is high now because of spring rains and snow melt.

The Arkansas is popular with rafters.

It has cut the Arkansas River Canyon.

Look closely.

Do you see them?  Three big horned sheep, with tags.

We're back at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.  We love this state park because it is perched on the side of Cheyenne Mountain looking east towards Kansas.  It started raining just after we got here and it was so exciting to watch the lighting off in the distance and at one time it was pouring.  Both mom and I got weather alerts on our phones warning us of flash floods along the upper Arkansas River and that's where we were yesterday.  We are high and safe from flooding here.

Looking northeast out bedroom window.

Looking southeast.

I'll be back soon.



  1. Good job photographing the bighorns! They are notoriously evasive.

    1. Thanks, Good Luck Duck, The traffic going the other was were flashing their lights at us and we wondered why, it was the bighorns right by the road.