Sunday, June 21, 2015

Leaving Denver

We were in Denver for a week visiting family.  While there I broke a tooth so we are headed back to Albuquerque to see my dentist.  Got the oil changed while we were in Denver, in the car and rv.

Ghost Girl getting all checked out.

The next few pictures were taken at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

Yes, we are in oak tree country.

I had a birthday while in Denver and my cousin baked me a real cake and picked some roses from her garden and gave me a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.  We had a nice time in Denver even though it got a little warm.  Good thing we have 3 working air conditioners, rv, truck and car. 

Thank you for using my Amazon link to do your shopping.  ;)  


Birthday lavender and dancing flamingo (sent from a friend, the flamingo not the lavender).  Yes, it was warm in Denver.

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  1. You have broken a tooth,
    that's a bummer, forsooth.
    Some stuff is the truth.
    Happy Birthday to yooth!