Sunday, April 5, 2015

Pahrump, Nevada

We have been in Pahrump, NV for almost a week.  Pahrump is the town closest to Area 51.  I've linked the Wikipedia page to this but it isn't my favorite site to learn about Area 51, if you want to google it there is lots more info out there.  Our government/military does some pretty secret things in this area.

We took a day trip to Red Rock Canyon, and with our Senior Pass we got in for FREE.

See our Senior Pass.  We bought it three years ago for $10, it is well worth it.

Wild Burros.

A popular climbing spot.


Beaver Tail Cactus in bloom

Some sort of lilly.  


That's all for this post.  I will continue this in part 2.

See you around the bend in the road.

Evie and Joy


  1. I saw your post on RVSue blog today. So, I spent the afternoon reading your wonderful blog. I enjoyed your 2014 travels and photos, and I'm looking forward to where you and your mom travel next. Safe travels! -Monica in CA

    1. Welcome aboard Monica. It's fun to have a new reader and commenter.