Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Desert is in Bloom

Velvet Mesquite

Close up of velvet mesquite

Yes, the Ocotillo are in bloom.

Look at this riot of color.  Tall Saguaro, Ocotillo with orange flowers at their tips, 
and yellow all around.

All along the road, orange, blue and yellow.  And the grasses are in bloom too.


Beavertail Prickly Pear

I took this picture to get the tree but look at all the other plants that are in the picture too.  
A Cholla left foreground, Prickly Pears under tree and one in bloom too.  

We are in Congress, AZ right now and monday will get the rv weighed.  If the rig is overweight(who isn't) then we will get rid of some stuff.  It is very important to know this information.  

There are two more pictures I have for you today but if you are at all squeamish about snakes you might want to skip it.  I will post it down at the bottom below my sign off.

See you soon.

Evie and Joy

I pulled off the side of the road and walked towards a blooming cactus to get a picture, after getting that picture I saw a small purple flower and bent down to take its picture............THAT'S WHEN I SAW THE  SNAKE..........  Now I've lived almost my whole life in the country so I know to keep my eyes open for snakes and to scan the area all around, I was within striking distance of this guy.  He never rattled or even flicked his tongue.  My guardian angels were hard at work today.  Thank you thank you thank you.

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  1. Rattlesnakes usually don't strike unless they are pissed off...or stepped on.
    Looks as though you did the first and almost the latter.
    I'm thinkin' you used the zoom lens, yes?

    Great plant photos. Thank you so very much.

    The ocotillo is one of my favorites. If I were to live in such a climate (highly doubtful) I would probably landscape my entire yard with those....and the beaver tails....and fill in with those roadside wildflowers.

    Thank you for taking me along on your adventures......and watch where the hell you step. Do you really want Joy driving the Ghost to the nearest ER?

    Happy Trails.