Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Leaving Las Vegas

When we left Las Vegas we took highway 3 south towards Interstate 40.  Highway 3 follows the Pacos River and is a very old route. There is an Historical marker in a small town stating that it was a toll spot where travelers from Mexico had to pay a toll to continue their travels on to Santa Fe, in the 1600's.  It is a narrow well used road and very scenic.

This is what I was taking a picture when I turned around and snapped the last picture of Rose.  

The Pacos River. Or the Rio Pacos.

They do high tension wires different here.  What you can't see is that these towers come to a point at the ground and then the four guide wires are holding them up straight.

Here is something you don't see every day.

I just can't resist a picture of a straight road going off into the distance with a pretty sky.

Do you see the hood of our truck at the bottom of picture and on the left of hood a little black thing? That is the antenna for our XM radio.  It is sitting on a little metal bracket that is mounted under the hood and sticks up through the space between hood and left quarter panel.  I bless the day I decided to get that radio.  It is worth every penny.  We are able to listen to the San Francisco Giants with our home team announcers, Krukow and Kuiper.  Life is good.  Go Giants!!!

After this pretty drive we spent the night at Santa Rosa Lake State Park.  A very nice place for kitten Rose to spend her last night.  The next day we drove into Albuquerque where we lost her.

Until next time.  

Evie and Joy

Gas prices at Albuquerque Costco.

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