Monday, October 13, 2014

Highway of the Legends (again)

In May 2014 we traveled this scenic highway going south to north.  Today we drove it north to south. In May not all the trees had leafed out and on this trip the aspens are yellow and the scrub oak is red. It doesn't get much prettier that this.

Spanish Peaks here we come, again.

A bit of Dakota sandstone rock.  There is a strip of this Dakota rock formation that runs along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains but it is only visible in a few places.  
Here and Garden of the Gods are two places where it can be seen.

I think you can see New Mexico from here.

One of the Spanish Peaks can be seen through the trees.

More Dakota sandstone formations.

Yes it sprinkled and hailed on us today in between the sun showers.

Had lunch beside the same stream that we did in May.

The scrub oak in Colorado is very different from what grows in California.  
This turns many shades of red and orange.  It looks like a patch work quilt on the hillsides.

Thanks for reading.

Evie and Joy

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  1. Thanks for more great photos.
    What with all your pictures I can feel as though I took a trip but never left home.