Thursday, October 9, 2014

Denver Botanical Gardens

There were a few interesting plants and flowers to see as well as all the Chihuly glass.

This was so interesting.  Out of the middle of the first flower grew the 
second flower and then the third and so on.

Two different flowers.

Next we move on to Colorado Springs and our trip up Pikes Peak on the Cog Railroad.

See you then.

Evie and Joy


  1. Great photos....keep 'em coming.
    I, too, like that plant with the radial flowers and stem. It's so odd....but beautiful.
    Looks like it's still quite warm there.
    Beware Colorado's reported to be full of Glenn Beck and Faux Snooze disciples.
    Take extra food when going up Pikes Peak....just remember the Donner Party.

  2. Garderinggeezer, You are too funny.