Friday, August 8, 2014

We Are in Hoquiam, WA

We are staying in the Hoquiam River RV Park right on the river complete with two river otters. Very cute but not able to get pictures of them.  But we were able to get a picture of a bull Elk.  I have to tell you, everywhere we go, no matter what state we are driving in, we see signs for ELK.  But after seeing at least a 100 signs we have only seen two herds, one in Colorado(when my camera was broken) and the herd that lives north of Eureka, Ca.

This bull was very far away that is why this photo is a little out of focus. 
But you get the idea that he is a big boy.  
He is one of the Roosevelt Elk herd north of Eureka, CA.

Our favorite fish shack on the fishing pier in Port Orford, OR
And just so you don't think that I'm exaggerating about it being a shack, here is the big picture. 

Note rear end of 'Ghost Girl" on left.

There is nothing more beautiful that the Oregon Coast.   But there are hazards to the area.

Just so you know where to go.

And let's don't forget about the stuff that is making its way here from Japan.

But it is very beautiful.  Lots of fresh water lakes next to the beach.

Lots of wild flowers still blooming. These are Sweet Peas and white Queen Ann Lace.  But Cleome are in bloom as well.  They look very etherial.  You can see them up ahead and it looks like a purple cloud, but when you get there they are so spaced out that a picture just doesn't do it.

And this is the Hoquiam River where we are tonight.

Today we also went over the bridge at Astoria, OR. Here is link to wikipedia all about it.  

It's a very beautiful and long bridge connecting Washington to Oregon.

We are going to spend two days here and then make our way east to Interstate 5 and go south to visit my friends who are living in Ryderwood, WA.  and then onto Portland to visit my new found cousin, Carol.  Internet has been very hit and miss.  Often not where we are parked for the night so not always able to post but will when I can.

See you in a few days.

Evie and Joy plus our kitties Rose and Tootsie.

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