Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Meeting a New Found Cousin

We left the coast for a few days so we could see my friend Joy in Ryderwood, WA.  As luck would have it she was called away right when we had planned to see her but I wasn't going to be deterred. Mom and I drove into Ryderwood, which is at the end of a short state road.
Road going to Ryderwood, WA

The community center where there is coffee and donuts on weekdays 
and on weekends music where Joy's partner David plays with his band.

Corner store.

Joy's house with pretty lace curtains.

From there we drove south to Kelso, WA for the night.  There isn't any thing special about Kelso except it is about an hour from Portland where, the next day, tuesday we drove in to have lunch with my cousin, Carol.  We found each other on ancestry dot com.  Our great grandfathers were brothers.  We shared (well she did) pictures of her side of the family.  
Mom and Carol.

Finding a parking place in downtown Portland was no easy feat. But I managed to find two spots on 12th street only 5 blocks from her really cute apartment that is an old building.

Carol's apt. is on the 4th floor of the same building where Jakes Seafood Restaurant is.

Salmon with Horseradish sauce, garlic mash potatoes with green beans. 

After lunch we got back on the freeway and came back north to Kelso for the night.  Tomorrow we will head back to the coast via hwy. 12.  Tomorrow night we will be back near Aberdeen, WA. where will continue our trip north up the Olympic Peninsula.

One last picture.  A few of you requested a picture of 'Ghost Girls' ghost markings.  They are hard to get, the light has to be just right but I was able to get a shot of part of them.
Ghost Girl is a 2001 Winnebago, Minnie

Until next time.

Thank you for reading and all your comments are appreciated, even though I'm not around to answer them.  I do read them and I know someone is out there reading.
Mom and I have put 12,00 miles on our RV.  Yeah!!!


  1. OK, now I'm hungry for salmon.

    How terrific to meet a blood related stranger.

    Want to hear more about your Ryderwood adventure. Joy's house is charming...but I sure can tell she isn't a gardener.
    Can they or do they not allow any younger folks there?

    Am considering a train ride up to Seattle with an extended stop in Portland. Just an idea at this point.

    Thanks for the photos.

    Hope all continues to go well for you two.

  2. Great photos, thanks. So is the new cousin Carol from your Mom or Dad's side? It looks like y'all are having fun... keep it up and have many more safe miles.