Saturday, August 30, 2014

Troy, Montana

I know I know, this update has been long time in coming.  Sorry.

We have been busy.  When we left Whidbey Island we meet my cousin Pat near Mt. Vernon, WA for lunch and he suggested that we take highway 2 east so that is what we did.  We were very undecided as to what direction we were going to go and even talked of going in Canada but when we left the parking lot after lunch the rv turned right onto U.S. Route 2 (click blue link) not left onto interstate 5.  So away we went.  Route 2 follows along the Skagit River.

Isn't the water color just beautiful?  It gets its color from glacial run-off.  

Wikipedia says this:  Glacial Milk

Rock flour, or glacial flour, consists of fine-grained, silt-sized particles of rock, generated by mechanical grinding of bedrock by glacial erosion or by artificial grinding to a similar size. Because the material is very small, it becomes suspended in meltwater making the water appear cloudy, which is sometimes known as glacial milk.
When the sediments enter a river, they turn the river's colour grey, light brown, iridescent blue-green, or milky white. If the river flows into aglacial lake, the lake may appear turquoise in colour as a result. When flows of the flour are extensive, a distinct layer of a different colour flows into the lake and begins to dissipate and settle as the flow extends from the increase in water flow from the glacier during snow melts and heavy rain periods.

As we moved into Eastern Washington we entered forrest fire area.  

We spent a night in the area of Washington's biggest fire ever.  And they get summer rains here so you know, first comes fire then comes rain and flooding.  The weekend before we got here they lost 3 houses to floods.

We had lunch at Grand Coulee Dam. Click blue link for info on GC Dam.

That day we drove across Eastern Washington, through Idaho and into Montana.  

This is the only picture I took in Idaho. US Route 2 is along part of the Louis and Clark trail.

I'm ending todays blog with a sad note.  

Tootsie, moms much loved kitten, died while we were in Eastern Washington.  Tootsie's health had been declining for some time and we knew that she could pass at any moment.  Still we were sad to see her go and we miss her very much. 

From Ghost Girl this is Evie, Joy and Rose kitty saying, thank you for reading and see you later.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Tootsie's passing. RVSue just lost her dog Spike--he died in his sleep recently. I hope your Mom is doing alright--it's so hard losing one of our furbabies. The destruction from fires in eastern WA is so sad. Mud slides & all the property loss...folks on the Eastside have had a very difficult summer.

    Enjoy your journeys. Thank you for your post. Take good care & happy trails!

    1. Thank you Dawn. Yes, it has been a hard two weeks for much loved pets. Not only Tootsie and Spike but another friend lost her pet as well. The times are changing. My kitten Rose is 18, enough said about that. Time I wish I could stop it.

  2. Glad I got to meet Tootsie. She seemed to be spry to the very end.

    Great photos. Keep it up.

    Going back to the burned areas next spring would be a wonderment. Fire brings out all sort of new growth.