Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Finally Have Internet

We have internet today after spending 4 nights out in the boonies with no cell or Internet.  You see we can get by without Internet.  Because as long as I have cell service I can make a 'hot spot'.  But we have been so far out of range that there was no thing, nada, zip...

But we saw some fabulous places and things like rocks and wildflowers.  On April 14th we were in the Alabama Hills just west of Lone Pine,CA. and saw the eclipse while there.  And Rose learned that climbing on big rocks can be fun.
Rose checking out the rocks.

Our Home Sweet Home in the Alabama Hills

If you Google Alabama Hills, CA you will learn that many western movies have been filmed here.  It is a rather large area with big rocks and dirt roads running all over the place and anyone can camp there for as long as they want(leave no trace).  I had read about this place on someone else's blog and we just had to go check it out for ourselves.  It was beautiful.  If you look closely in pic. #2 you can see our nearest neighbor.

Our guardian Hawk.

From there we went into Death Valley.  Many of the wild flowers are in full bloom it was just breathtaking.
Beavertail Cactus
Unknown yellows.

Close-up of Beavertail.

We mostly think of Death Valley as being a barren place and I think it must be because even coyotes were asking for hand outs.  There were two hanging around the road asking for food.

Sorry for the blurry pic I was zoomed in and it is hard to hold still.

From Death Valley we spent the night in Shoshone, CA. where we grabbed a burger before checking into the RV park, where we again didn't have internet or cell service.  Left Shoshone early before it got hot and headed to Mojave National Preserve.  Mom is the navigator, that being said, we ended up taking 20 miles of dirt roads to get to the only open campground(good thing it WAS open).  Don't get me wrong it was beautiful but if I had known I might have filled the gas tank in Baker before we started.  Nothing more nerve wracking then wondering how far you have to go before you see anything but beautiful flowers and trees and such. But we finally reached the cg and spent a quiet night with about ten other campers. Here are some pics of Mojave National Preserve.

Desert Tortoise crossing the road  

Jimsonweed in bloom

Pencil Cholla

Long and winding dirt road with Joshua Tree on both sides of road.

After Mojave we took I-40 east to Williams, AZ and spent a bright(many lights in RV park) and noisy night near the freeway but did have a long hot shower.  On to Payson, AZ. and we are going to spend 2 nights and maybe 3 so we won't have to drive on Easter Sunday.

That's all the catch-up I have for now.  I think I have finally figured out this blog site, only had to watch the right YouTube video.  Isn't computing fun?  

One more pic.
Mom and Rose.

Bye for now.

Evie and Joy
Rose and Tootsie


  1. Hi, Evie! Your photos are gorgeous! You've done a great job on your blog--the more frequently you post, the easier it gets. Lucky you--traveling with your mom. I think that long and winding gravel road was worth it! Happy trails!

    1. Thank you Dawn for your encouragment.