Thursday, April 10, 2014

It Took Us Three Hours to Get Out of Ukiah

Thursday April 10th

Mom and I left home this morning at 9am headed to Ukiah as our first stop.  Back to Dave's RV so he could put on the last valve-extender for the dually's on the passenger side-rear.  Well two tire stores and one truck stop later, we finally landed at the last truck tire place in Ukiah.  All I needed was a different valve, instead of the short straight one I had I needed one that was longer and curved, how hard can that be, you'd think I was the first rv to come through town with this problem.  Well anyway those guys know what they are doing.  Fixed me right up and did it with smiles.  They are my new tire guys, no more Les Schwab or Big O.

Anyway after getting to Santa Rosa and hitting Costco we ended up at the fair grounds in Santa Rosa for the night. That took us 6 hours and I was tired, but this place is nice and quiet under a nice shade tree.  $15 a night.  Can't beat that.  Tomorrrow we will head off towards Reno on Hwy 80. 

Well, arn't we off to a good start.  It seem I left my camera cord at home.  I will try to find a new one tomorrow.  Gesh... So no pictures today, sorry.

Guess what?  I found my camera cord. 

Flower in Mom's yard taken yesterday.


  1. Keep an eye on your tire pressure. Valve extenders have been known to leak. We miss the convenience of being able to easily check the inner dually, but we don't miss the slow air leaking or the eventual flat we had.
    Great pictures and commentary. Enjoy the journey!

  2. Thank you for the heads-up about leaking valve extenders. And how did you know? I have a Enjoy the Journey bumper sticker on the back bumper. Thank you.

  3. We didn't know at first. However, our tires were constantly needing to be aired up. When we arrived Seattle, the inside dually was flat and the outer at 80. We called Les Schwab who came out and told us we should remove the valve extenders. We did, and they have maintained 100 psi ever since then. Not everyone has problems with them, We had the braided hose type extender. Schwab makes a straight out extender which is supposed to be an improvement, we're getting those put on in May.