Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our First Boondocking Experience

Feb. 2014
Ogilby Rd.

Mom and I had were anxious to boondock, otherwise know as dry camping, because all you do is find a spot to park your RV on BLM land and stay as long as 14 days without having to pay anything.  But you also have no hookups such as water, sewer or electric, hence the term "dry camping".  But our class c has a 31 gal. fresh water tank and the ability to go several days before having to empty the holding tanks, both grey and black water. So we were excited to boondock like the big kids, off Ogliby Rd. outside of Yuma.  We only stayed there one night and it was very quiet and dark and we had a spectacular sunset.

Beautiful Ogliby Rd. sunset.

Ogliby Rd. is on the east side on Imperial Sand Dunes a popular place for dune buggy enthusiasts. We went to a vista point at the north end of the dunes, what a spectacular place.  Even Rose, one of our two feline companions liked the view.


  1. Hurrah, you two are off and running...well, at least moseying at a good pace.
    So glad you are back into the photo taking mode. You know how I enjoy pictures. I'm so excited for you two.
    Here's hoping numerous wonderful adventures await.
    ....and who knows, maybe ya'll will run into RVSue....wouldn't that be cool?

    Women on the move.

    1. Thank you GG for your well wishes. We are off and crawling.

  2. Rose has a BIG collar for a little cat? Alabama Hills looks like a great place to boondock. Keep an eye on Rose the coyotes like to eat cats. If you worry about snakes get on Amazon to buy some Snake Gators. Snakes can't bite through the material. They protect you from just below the knee all the way down. Never have to worry again.

    1. Thank you Rattlesnake Joe, Yes cats are food for animals up the food chain. I never let her out of my sight. She only goes out during the day no night time adventures for her.

  3. You're so fortunate Rosie stays with you--we're going to be spending the upcoming winter in Arizona but worry that our cat Slim won't be able to travel well. He loves going out at night & that's really a death sentence for him.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Rose and her three brothers were born in my closet. When they were young we lived in the country and would go for walks. I taught them where all the hiding places were(culverts under our road) how to be cool when cars passed and such. Now she knows that we live in the rv and that is the safe place. But she stays very close to me. She is 17 years old.
    Thank you for reading my blog.

  5. Hi Evelyn, Dave forwarded me your blog and I've been enjoying reading them!! It looks like you and your Mom have seen so many wonderful things and beautiful scenery!! It was great seeing you two back in February! Hope to see you guys again soon!