Sunday, October 8, 2017

Oregon City, Oregon

Since leaving Long Beach Washington, several weeks ago, we have been cruising up and down the Oregon coast.  We made a fast trip south to Crescent City California to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to renew the tags on both the rv and the Honda.  Last year I did the renewal online and it took forever for the tags to catch up with us in New Mexico.  So since we were within striking distance to a DMV in California we decided to drive on down and get it taken care of in person.

Now we're in the Portland area where we've been doing some sightseeing.  Most of the time we've been staying at Elks lodges because they are so much cheaper for members, which we are, to stay in.  But as a treat we are now in a park, run by the city of Oregon City, on the banks of the Willamette River.  I mean we're parked on the bank of the river, what fun.  Just how do you pronounce the name of this river you ask?  I found this on the internet. The correct pronunciation of Willamette is Will-AM-it as in Will-AM-it, damit.  Hope I didn't offend anyone.

Looking up stream, that's the highway 205 bridge.

Looking downstream.  Bubba has the best view, when he's not sleeping.

Oh look upstream, the Willamette Falls.

Looking at the falls from the east.

From the west.

I know you can't read this but it's a good picture of what this area looks like now.
Mostly closed factories on both sides of the river, except the hydro electric plant still running.

This is what it looks like today.  I put these two pics together.

If you want to read more about the falls and see some fantastic pictures click here.

To get to the west side of the river you go over this neat old bridge.

I took a picture looking back at Oregon City and that's when we saw Mt. Hood
 in background and tall white thing in front.

Oregon City has two levels.  Part up on the bluff and part down below.

Mt. Hood

Oregon City was the capital of the Oregon Territory and was started by the Hudson Bay Company.
Read all about it here.

We'll be heading up the Columbia River Gorge tuesday so will be posting lots of pictures of that. 

Evie and Joy + Bubba and Missie

Oh and if you're wondering if the rv has been fixed yet, no, not yet  We're still waiting for the parts to get here from Ohio where they are being manufactured.

Sunset on the Willamette River taken from bedroom window.

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