Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bits and Pieces

Some things you see while driving around in the desert.

It just needs a new roof.

Look out for those UXB's
(unexploded bombs)

Jump down turn around pick a bale of cotton


Yes, it does rain in the desert

See that rv way back there?  That's our friend Bette
who we first met three years ago at Eagles Nest Lake, NM.
She came out here west of Yuma for a few days.

And so did our friend Chris.

I'll be back next week.

See you around.
Evie and Joy

This palm tree is wearing grass skirts.


  1. Great photos. Well, at least the ones I could see. Six didn't load here on your blog. Will try another time.
    They all came through fine with the email notice.

    Ya just gotta go to that dragonfly sanctuary.

  2. Ev-hello! love your pictures and adventures-gorgeous new kitty's too. sure do miss having a house cat. Thought of you and Joy on my birthday-I always called you to say hi-hope all are well-major RV work but a great group of guys there in Yuma-love ya both take care, Tricia