Sunday, November 6, 2016

Many Miles Down the Road

I have no excuse for not blogging except I've been busy.  We've been on the road covering a lot of miles.  Right now we're in San Diego but more on that later.  Let me bring you up to date.

After we left Elephant Butte we headed south to Rockhound State Park just south of Deming, New Mexico.  While there DeDe and I drove south to a small border crossing where we crossed into Mexico and had lunch and did some shopping.

The only thing I bought was a pretty star, 
those dark spots are colored marbles.

Birdnest in cholla in Rockhound State Park. 

We left DeDe at Rockhound and we went on to Casa Grande working our way to San Diego.  But it was 103° the day we arrived so we only stayed one night and the next morning we did what we do best, went to higher ground, up to Payson, Arizona.  We stayed 5 cool days in Payson at a a National Forest campground only 1 mile from downtown.  The town of Payson is near the Mogollon Rim, a geologic feature that runs through the heart of Arizona. 

A bit of the Mogollon Rim.

From Payson we made our way to Yuma passing through Quartzsite, AZ.  Below is a photo of main street Quartzsite without any traffic.  In about a month Quartzsite will be flooded with its winter visitors numbering in the thousands.

While in Yuma DeDe caught up with us and we took her out to Mittry Lake to check it out.  Last year mom and I spent many days dry camping at this lake.  There has been a lot of work done out at the lake, lots of mowing and trimming.  Last year this area had reeds growing very tall, now you can see the water.

This year.

Last year.

We are now in San Diego cat sitting my daughter's cat, Willie, while she and boyfriend are on vacation in Cancun, Mexico.  Below is a picture of Willie taking a nap.  I took that picture using my new U-Snap Zoom lens, (click on the link to go to Amazon to see it)that clips onto my iPhone.

In about two weeks we will make our way to Northern California to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my cousin Bob and to see friends. 

Catch up with you later.
Evie and Joy

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  1. Love that star that you bought!!! Love the stories you tell! Enjoy catsitting in beautiful San Diego! Missing you!!! Xoxox