Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day Trip to Monticello, New Mexico

You'll notice a new header picture.  That's the full moon rising over the rv with windows reflecting the setting sun.  Picture taken by DeDe.

We stayed four night at Elephant Butte Lake state park.  We met up with friend Christine and her cute dog Edna.  Here's a picture that DeDe took of the four of us.

l-r  Chris, Edna the dog, DeDe and me.

We drove out to the small town of Monticello, passing by the Elephant Butte airport.
Plane on display

Monticello has a little bit of everything, here's a building with ample parking.

And then there are the doors and gates.

We've left the lake and are at Rockhound State Park in southern New Mexico.  Tomorrow DeDe and I will drive south to have lunch at The Pink Store in Puerto Palomas, Mexico.

The view from my bedroom window.

See you around the bend.

Evie and Joy

One last picture.  When we bought our class C, in November 2013, it had about 28,000 miles.  Now look.


  1. Great new header photo. As always it pays to be in the right spot at the right time....and have a camera.

    Sounds as though you have more visitors during your adventure than you had living in Willits.
    Good for you.

    Man o man, if I had the bucks I would go get those cars. Surprised someone hasn't already done so.

    Good, interesting gate photos. What a great looking school that must have been back in 1935. Too bad it seems to be too far gone to rehab.

    How was lunch? What type food? Finding any great Mexican food?

    Happy trails.

  2. ...a building with ample parking. Ha, ha!