Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Leadville, Colorado and Dry Camping in the Shadow of Mt. Elbert

Last week we moved from Parry Peak campground to a great dry camping area just west of Leadville.  This free camping area is quite large and I haven't seen it listed on any "free camping maps" not even Sock Monkey's map.

We moved here before the 4th of July weekend.  Maybe not the best time to be in a free camping area but we managed to find a nice spot tucked in between some pine trees(good) but right along the main dirt road in(not good) but it rained off and on most of the weekend which helped to keep the dust down(a good thing) because there were about a hundred kids on dirt bikes and such running up and down the road all weekend long(not good).  When most everyone had left the area on monday we moved to a nicer location tucked into some trees at the end of a dirt road.  No one drives by us now.

Second parking spot with big rocks.  Lots of sun on our solar 
panels to keep us charged up.

It's spring.

This area of Colorado is home to some of the highest mountains on the North American continent.  And we are camping in the shadow of the tallest, Mt. Elbert, at 14,440'.  The elevation where we are is 9,688' and being this high makes it a little hard to breath.  We get out of breath very easily.  

Mt. Elbert elevation 14,440' seen from the road.

There are two really nice things about this location, the first is there is pretty good internet here(no internet at Parry Peak) and second is we are only about 10 minutes from a grocery store and restaurants. 

Everywhere you go  in this area you can see the beautiful Arkansas River.  Just down the road from our campsite the river is no bigger that a creek but just down the road it looks like this.

Tomorrow we will drive north to interstate highway 70 to meet some friends from California for lunch in the town of Dillon.  They're on their way east so we thought we'd drive up and see them as they pass by.

I'll be back soon.

Evie and Joy


  1. So, what you're sayin' is you can get high because you are so high?

    That photo of the daisies among the cones is spectacular. Great contrast of subjects. Good lighting. The subtle play of the grays reminds me of those paintings done where the horses are mixed and hidden among the birch trees or some such thing.
    I really like your 'eye'.

    Keep on truckin', gals.

  2. Evie and Mom, do you have problems towing in the Colorado mountains with your rig? Last year when I was going to Blue Mesa, I thought my 34' Winnebago Brave wasn't coming to make it.

    1. Yes, Judy the one time we drove the rv over a high pass, Wolf Creek pass at 10,856', from south to north, I didn't think we were going to make it. I think we were only going about 15mph, really bad. Now I make sure we don't drive the rv over those, only the Honda. Other that that time everything has been ok. There are many passes that aren't as steep as Wolf Creek in fact I think going south over Wolf Creek might not be as bad as going north. Now we just go around.