Friday, June 24, 2016

Around Buena Vista, Colorado

We're still in the Parry Peak campground visiting friend DeDe and almost everyday we go for a drive in our little Honda out in the countryside.  Most of what we see is snow capped mountains but every once in awhile we see something new and interesting.  

Independence Pass

The Old Train tunnels north of Buena Vista

Arkansas River just to the left of the train tunnels

We see lots of beaver activity around this area so that has prompted us to read up on beavers.  If you click here you can read all about them, too.

Thistle flower with bug and bud. 

Wildflowers near DeDe's rv.

I'll be back soon from a new location.

Evie and Joy

Old mining cabin on the way to Vicksburg Mining Camp Interpretive Site


  1. Good morning, Evie and Joy

    I enjoy Boondocking with you thru your blog. I'm considering downsizing so I, too, can boondock. I'm concerned about the refrigerator. What make do ya'll have and is it big enough? I'm nervous about a possible fire since I travel with 5 cats. Thank you.

    Cat Lady

    1. Hi Cat Lady Judy, The refrigerator in my rv is a Norcold and we run it on propane 100% of the time. These work best on propane. I've learned to live with its smaller size, only buying what will fit, no big turkeys. You have 5 cats, when mom and I started we had two, but sadly they are both gone now from old age. I hope you have many years of travels with your little cat family.