Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hoover Dam

On our way home we went towards Las Vegas, NV.  Highway 93 use to go right across the top of Hoover Dam but since 2010 it goes across a new bridge.
New bridge with top of dam in foreground.

The multistory brown building near left side is new parking garage.  

Note the brown high water marks on intake towers.

When Lake Mead is full only the tip of this island is visible. The white area would be under water.

High water mark is white.

Over flow tunnel.

I love taking pictures of road signs.

Onward toward home.

Evie and Joy


  1. Good morning! Amazing how low the water is! The new bridge is beautiful. Did you walk across the top of the dam? Safe journey.

  2. Great photos of the lake/dam. Wow! Guess we here in Northern California aren't the only ones running out of water. Scary.
    That photo of the overflow opening is one of my favorites.
    The parking garage is one of the best, well thought out designs I have ever seen. Someone got it just right. It's barely visible.
    Now, about that road sign.....what the hell? It really looks as though the road sign arrow melted in the heat folding back on itself.
    Your photos are so good and complete I now think I don't need to go there.
    Happy Trails.
    Even though I won't see you upon your return, I will be glad just to know you are only 2 1/2 hours away.