Monday, November 3, 2014

Along the Geronimo Trail, New Mexico

After leaving Elephant Butte Lake State Park we moseyed south on state highway 187 to Caballo Lake State Park, New Mexico.  We spent two nights/days there along the lake.  I took these pictures of the local flora.

All of the above pictures of cactus have one thing in common.  Long spines.

After leaving Caballo Lake we continued on 187 towards Las Cruses New Mexico going through Hatch New Mex. the home of the famous Hatch chili.

Miles and miles of chili fields getting ready to pick.

Pecan trees too.

Never get tired of these signs.  So far we haven't seen any water.

These are Sandhill Cranes.  This part of New Mexico is one place that they winter.  There are thousands of them in the sky.

This is an Elderberry tree in bloom and has berries too.

Until next time.

Evie and Joy


  1. Good morning! Your photos are gorgeous--there's just so much to love about New Mexico! Safe travels.

  2. Ouch!!! Those spines are dangerous....and capable of inflicting great pain....

    Great photos. Looks as though you got the hang of taking close ups of small single objects such as that thorny branch. Good for you.
    Would really enjoy seeing those cranes. Can you get to where they roost?
    I had no idea about the peppers. How's the chili?
    Pecan trees....oh yum. Did you buy any?
    Thanks for the update.