Thursday, September 1, 2016

Wrapping Up Our Colorado Summer

The new header picture is where we're boondocking in the shadow of Mt. Princeton.  We're in a large pasture area with plenty of boondocking sites.  When we got here last week there were two other campers here but yesterday one of them left so we moved up the hill to where they were parked.

We drove around Salida, Colorado the other day.  We've been wanting to see what this smokestack was all about.

This smokestack is the last thing standing, (well almost, there is one other little building) from the Ohio-Colorado Smelter and Refining Company.  To read about it click here.

A herd of Elk in a field not far from downtown Salida.

At this time of year, late August, the weather is cooling down at night.  This morning there was a dusting of snow on the tops of the highest mountains around us.

Mt. Massive, 14,429 feet high, as seen from Leadville, CO.  
Those larger patches of snow are what's left from last seasons snowpack.

We'll be leaving this area of Colorado next week.  

We'll catch up with you next week.

Evie and Joy

Antelope out standing in a field north of Salida, Colorado. 


  1. Around here some of the birds are also heading south.
    Very picturesque area.
    Thank for the photos.
    Mountains are impressive. No doubt where the trees can grow or not.
    I suggest stocking up on sunscreen(zinc and/or titanium dioxide). It's all about Nutrogena Pure and Free Baby...spf 60.

  2. hi there-beautiful pictures I must say-glad you and Joy are happy-when you can come visit-I would love to see you both and the state park nearby is quite beautiful - Daingerfield State Park-Texas Highways gives it a good rating but in fall, the trees are plain stunning-hope to hear from you soon-find me on my gmail hugs, Tricia