Thursday, August 4, 2016

Shrine Pass

We took a drive under this bridge, past the little town of Red Cliff and up to Shrine Pass, elevation of 11,094 feet.  There are fields of wildflowers blooming everywhere.

Maripsoa Lily

We're still in the Leadville, Colorado area and will be here for another month.  Then in early Sept. we will head south towards New Mexico.  We are planning on going to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta again this year which is in early Oct.  So we are just going to wander around staying to the higher elevations to stay cool.  

Until next time.

Evie and Joy

You never know what you'll see when out for a drive.

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  1. Your new page photo is terrific. Seems to sum up what y'alls adventure is all about.

    That tall purple plant grows wild near my house. Spectacular when seen in mass.

    Here are some curious things to do in Leadville...

    Mariposa lilies are wonderful. Such an enchanting visual sight.

    Stayin' busy out here. Summer fog has settled. We rarely get sunny days anymore. But, that will change as the weather tends to do.

    I can't find your Amazon link. I see where you added Google translate....

    Sweet Ms Mama and send our regards.