Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Desert's in Bloom

We're in Congress, AZ and there's quite a show going on here.  Todays post will be about the flowers.

Ocotillo leafed out and blooming. 

This is what an Ocotillo looks like about 90% of the time.
But after a rain look out they leaf out and bloom.

Not yet.

The state tree of Arizona, the Palo Verde.

Sometimes drama happens even before the flowers open.

And let's not forget the worker bees.

And never forget that a lot of the desert is "open range", 
which means that cows and anything else can wander across the road at any time.

See you later.

Evie and Joy

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  1. This is a stunning post, girls! Just like you two! Love and miss you both!
    Cathy and Kevy