Monday, March 7, 2016

Home to Mendocino County, Northern California

We came home to Northern California for a few days.  As a blog writer I have no idea who reads my blog, I know how many people read it and what countries those readers are from but not who.  So it was quite a surprise when a reader flagged us down in the parking lot of Mariposa health food store, in Willits, CA.  She recognised the Escapees sticker on the back of our car and chased us down to say "hi, I read your blog".  As mom and I drove away we turned to each other and said, "well that was fun".  And that was the beginning of our short visit with friends and former neighbors. But for all the friends we were able to see there were an equal amount we weren't able to touch base with and I'm sorry, there just wasn't enough time.   

While here, we've had routine maintenance done to the motorhome and the Honda.  Last month the Honda mileage turned over to 150,000 miles, so we had a new water pump (old one was making noise, I've been hoping that it would hold on till we got here) including thermostat, hoses and coolant and fan belt, and new pollen filter inside car.

Escapees stickers that Ellen recognised.
Red solo cup sticker is from a Facebook group I belong to. 

The trees are in bloom.

A dear friend invited us to park our home on her property.  What a delight is was to be parked on a ranch with green grass and beautiful oak trees all around.  The next three pictures were taken behind the rv from left to right.

Old barn to the left of the rv.

This leaning tree can be seen in the next picture, behind the rv.

New barn to the right, with horse looking to see what I'm doing.

We'll be back soon.

Evie and Joy

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