Saturday, November 21, 2015

Odds and Ends and A Sad Story

Odds and Ends

We are still at RoVer's Roost, in Casa Grande.  Even though we are anxious to get out into the desert we've needed to stay here to wait for Dr. appointments for mom.  She is fine but since we're not in Calif. we needed to choose a centrally located city to find a Dr. and Casa Grande is it for us.

We've had all that nasty Texas dirt washer off the rv it wasn't cheap but we also had the oxidation buffed off too so it looks all better now.  Ready for another year on the road.

Another thing we are doing while here it to join the Elks Lodge.  The Elks have lodges all over and most of them allow rv parking for free or for a nominal fee to members and the lodge in Gila Bend, AZ courts full time rvers.  So we are doing that while here.  While traveling up and down through California there are long stretches or areas where there isn't any place to stop for the night or if there is it is very expensive.  And having the ability to park at an Elks lodge would help us tremendously. Sometimes we need a safe place to park for one night while traveling through an area, this would be better than parking in a Walmart parking lot, which a lot of rvers do, but not us.

A Sad Story

We have spent some of our time here exploring this area of AZ.  We've seen some interesting things. Unfortunately you don't get to see them.  It isn't that I didn't take pictures of them with my iPhone.  It's because I dropped my phone in the sink, full of water.  Oh no.  I had a feeling that something like that was going to happen.  I had just gotten a pedicure and while there I had a feeling that I might drop my phone in the water so I was being very careful.  But when I got home I put my purse on the kitchen counter and the phone quietly slipped out of my purse into the sink.  I grabbed it out but too late.  I got back into the car and drove to the AT&T store in town.  A note here:  This is the third iPhone I've had and when you buy a phone one of the questions they ask is "Do you want insurance?", and I always say no, but for some reason with this one I said yes.  So I have replacement insurance with a not so small deductible, but that's 1/4 the cost of a new phone.  It took the replacement phone 24 hours to get to me, they ship it to you not a new one from the store.  I didn't think that was too bad.  I'm back up and running, except it had been a while since I'd backed that phone up to the cloud so I lost a bunch of pictures.  My bad.  Live and learn.  So the picture today has nothing to do with the post, just one random picture I had.

Wow 17% grade, glad we were in the car.  
Outside of Willits, CA there's a 19% grade, 
you don't see many of these.

By for now.

Evie and Joy


  1. Glad you bought the insurance on the phone this time. They are so expensive now, and we have them out all day long for various things, so I guess it makes sense to spend the money. Especially current iPhones! $$$ They say if you put a wet phone in a bowl of rice it could dry it out. :)

    I have friends who are Elks for that very reason, but I've never joined. I'm a Wal-Mart over-nighter, but feel much more comfortable if I'm not the only RV in the parking lot over night. The other night I stayed at the Wal-Mart in El Centro, CA and there was a converted bus behind me. They had two HUGE dogs, Great Danes, and one tiny dog. I'll stay if I'm the only one, but just not as comfortable. :)

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Nice to hear from you, I've been following along with you for about 3 years, you were one reason I decided to live full time on the road. I thought if that single woman can do it so can I. Maybe someday our paths will cross and I will recognise your rv. Safe travels. E

  2. Bummer about the phone and lost pictures. We've been debating Elks. Would you mind sharing what it costs to join? Say hi to Joy for us.

  3. Bummer about the phone and lost pictures. We've been debating Elks. Would you mind sharing what it costs to join? Say hi to Joy for us.