Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Chili Roasting Season

You know we're heading into fall in New Mexico because it's chili roasting time.

We bought one of these boxes of fresh picked Hatch, NM chilies and took it out to the roaster in the parking lot.  

It took about 10 minutes to roast our box of chilies. Here they go into the plastic bag, all done.

After roasting he put them into a large plastic bag and we took them back to the campground and left it sitting on the table to cool.  Then we divided them into ziplock bags, 23 of them to be exact but not all of them are in this picture.  After they cooled some more we put them into our ice chest with ice to cool down more and the next morning we put them all into our freezer.  As it turns out these were 'mild' and mild is too mild so now have gotten some medium and they are just right.

We're at Abiquiu Lake right now and are heading up into Colorado to see some fall colors.  Then will be back in the Albuquerque area for the Balloon Fiesta to meet up with some friends.

This last picture is of us on i 80 in the Sacramento, CA area in March.  The Google map car passed us.  This is the best picture of us.  You see the back of Ghost Girl and her Little Red Wagon.

Next blog will be about the newest member of our family.  

We'll be back soon.


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  1. Let the good times roll on....and on and on and on and on......

    I've seen a lot of photos taken during that balloon festival. Here's hoping you add a bunch more.
    By any and all means....GO FOR A RIDE.....

    In your next post I want to hear if the new kitty likes being on a leash. Does it try to dash out the door like you know who?


  2. Gosh, the folks dow in Hatch are doing a super job of marketing--one of the grocery stores just off the island had Hatch chiles & a roaster not too long ago! Unfortunately, we missed it! We canned a lot of them last year--didn't take us long to go through them! Hatch is such a cool little town. Enjoy the Balloon Fiesta--a friend & I are considering volunteering there next year. Happy Trails!

  3. I've showed your Google Maps photo to at least 4 co-workers & everyone thinks is VERY cool.

  4. We are going to Baloon Fiesta the first weekend. Are you staying onsite?

    1. Hi Karen, We will be at the Coronado cg on the 6,7,8. Where will you be?

  5. We are going to Baloon Fiesta the first weekend. Are you staying onsite?

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