Friday, February 13, 2015

Almost There

Yes, we are living in our rv full time, in the driveway.  Hahaha  Not exactly what I had in mind.  But the house is empty and waiting for the painter to come and do his thing.

That darn kitchen counter is almost cleared off.

Painters things poised and ready.

So today is Friday Feb. 13th and we had hoped to be driving away by tomorrow but that won't be happening.  Still more things to get done.  Maybe by the end of next week.  I'm going to be having lunch with a few more friends and tying up loose ends around here.  So keeping our fingers crossed for next Saturday.  

Wood burning stoves cleaned, check
Honda ready to hook up for towing, check
Wave 3 propane heater installed in rv, check
Solar system on rv roof, check
New water pump in rv, check
Front end aligned, not yet
House painted, not yet
House cleaned, not yet
Carpet cleaned, not yet

It's always something.  Soon very soon.

Almost there.

Evie and Joy


  1. Wow! You've been very busy! You're so smart to get the heater installed. We have to move ours around every morning & every evening--we've talked about just getting it permanently installed. They work so well to take morning chill of & warm things in the evening if needed. We love our solar system. We did two things right--got one more panel than we thought we'd need & got 2 AGM batteries--our battereis are fully charged here in AZ by noon & we haven't even gotten close to 50% down. My wish--a bigger inverter. I think we have the capability to run the micro occasionally but in the long run it's no big deal. Maybe down the line.

    You've sure worked hard getting to this point & you're almost there! One more thing--we just joined Escapees to give us some additional options when we're not boondocking. We're here at the SKP Co-op in Casa Grande, AZ & it's a great place! At another point in our journeys, we'll be staying at the SKP Co-op in Benson, AZ. The discounts on parks aren't great but for a place like Albuqueruqe (another of our stops & a place with not many options) it will help out.

    Take good care--can't wait to see your place all freshly painted.

    1. Hi Dawn, We're Escapee members too. We've stayed in a few Escapee parks but the only one in AZ that we've stayed in is in Congress, where we attended one of their Boot Camps last year. And the Congress park has scales there to weigh rv's so we'll be going there again to get the rv weighed again. I know we weigh more now but don't want to be over our weight limit. We did stay in the one in Deming(i think)NM. Nice people. Can't wait till we are back in AZ area hopefully before it gets to hot. Soon, very soon.

  2. Wow!!!! You two have accomplished a lot since I was there. Let this be your mantra....Home stretch, home stretch....finish line in sight.

    I am reveling in all of my treasures gleaned from your sale and house.

    My table is fabulous in every sense of the word.

    Red microwave looks great in my kitchen especially now that I have the beautiful red table and oh so comfy chairs. Still running into the legs but am adjusting. You know how it is....old dog, new tricks.
    I gave my white microwave to a oven-less neighbor. They are thrilled to finally bet into the 20th century.
    So far, the 21st century is still too scary for them.

    Am buying ingredients for slo-cooker roast beef today. Will be a real pleasure now that I have that larger, oval cooker of yours. Much more room for carrots, onions, tomatoes and potatoes.
    Now I can make enough for to feed several folks or just make enough to last a week or so.

    The table cloths are from one of my favorite eras. All I need now is a juke box.

    The photos of my new family extend my genealogy data back quite some time. I am now busy creating back stories for the different characters. You can bet my male ancestors will be a wild bunch while all the women will be ruling the roost.

    Haven't tackled the computers/phones yet.....soon.

    Glad you have extended your deadline. Takes some of the pressure off. I mean really, isn't it great to not have any regimented schedule?

    Time is of your own making.

    1. So glad all your new things are fitting in. I couldn't have done the estate sale without you, I couldn't have paid you enough. Your help was above and beyond the call of friendship. You're the best.