Saturday, January 10, 2015

Progress Update

We are making progress slowly but surely.  Yesterday we drove 120 miles south from home to go car shopping.  We were able to trade in our mini van for a 2003 Honda CR-V which we will be able to tow behind our motorhome.  I still need to sell my Ford Explorer, when that's gone we will be down to one small red car and one big white motorhome.  Now to get the hitch assembly put on the Honda and that little project will be finished.

We were even treated to a beautiful sunset.

I don't want to bore you with more photos of chaos but just know that it's getting better.  We got tired of walking around piles of stuff so we took about 4 loads off to the senior center.  But there's still lots of stuff for the estate sale.  

We did some shopping around and found the smallest storage unit, a 5x10' which we have rented to put very special things into.  So far so good.  

So our time line is to have the sale on Feb. 7th and then get the house emptied and cleaned and painted.  Then list it for sale.  I'm hoping we are driving out of town on our target date of Feb. 14th.

By for now.

Evie and Joy soon to be back traveling in Ghost Girl.  


  1. Good morning! You & your Mum have made a lot of progress, Evie! I admire your determination to accomplish your goal. Your new CRV is a cutie--I love my CRV! Cheers to you both & for a successful estate sale. It sounds as if you're right on target to celebrate Valentine's Day in Ghost Girl! Yahoooo!

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Thank you for your encouragement. This is such a big job and should be done in stages bit by bit. But we're getting through it all. We're so looking forward to getting back to the southwest where it isn't as cold as it is here. E

  2. Replies
    1. Yes and I mentioned that to mom today and she said she doesn't think we can do it. I'm not giving up yet though. Feb. 14 here we come.